microYPS (ONE Opportunity)

The microYPS internship scheme is something we’re really proud of in the York and Hull Methodist District and has now been taken up by the national Methodist Church and re-branded ONE Opportunity.  It brings together young people from a range of backgrounds and experiences to work out their discipleship together and in their own churches.

Celebrating the vision of young people, interns design their own project, based on their own gifts and abilities and the needs of their own church.  Once this is set up and approved, they are paid to work for 3 hours a week on their own project, supported by a volunteer project manager, someone who will meet with them for mentoring and the District coordinating team.

Over the course of the year (which starts in September) interns from across the District get together for three residential weekends where they become part of a learning and reflecting community, that also has a lot of fun.

Applications are normally submitted in June and are jointly completed by a young person and a representative of their church.  Young people need to be 16 -23 in the September of the year that they wish to participate.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us or check out some recent photos on Facebook.

Applications for the scheme starting in September 2017 are now open and all the necessary documents can be downloaded here:

ONE Opportunity Application pack 2017-18

ONE Opportunity Application Form 2017-18 Word

ONE Opportunity Application Form 2017-18 PDF

ONE Opportunity flier

Some pictures of last year’s interns (2016-17) on their weekends away:

P1100842  Harvey's group shot

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